Britt Lucas


by: Ainsley Hutchence

12 photographs.
Photographer: Britt Lucas / Model: Maddy Cabrie / Model Management: Chic Model Management / Stylist: Tess Mcgregor
Botanical: 1/12
Botanical: 2/12
Botanical: 3/12
Botanical: 4/12
Botanical: 5/12
Botanical: 6/12
Botanical: 7/12
Botanical: 8/12
Botanical: 9/12
Botanical: 10/12
Botanical: 11/12
Botanical: 12/12

Britt Lucas ‘Botanical’

23 year old Melbourne based photographer, Britt Lucas started photography at just 16 after her mother dismissed her original dream of becoming one of Ushers back up dancers.

Recently she teamed up with designer & stylist, Tess Mcgregor of HIGHRACK to create ‘Botanical’ for us, & although Im sure she is a wonderful dancer I for one am very happy Britt is taking photos 🙂




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