Casie Wendel

‘Bout dat life’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Casie Wendel / Model: Abreah Griffin / Make-up Artist: Miranda Harrison
Bout dat life: 1/6
Bout dat life: 2/6
Bout dat life: 3/6
Bout dat life: 4/6
Bout dat life: 5/6
Bout dat life: 6/6

Casie Wendel ‘Bout dat life’

Casie Wendel & her muse Abreah Griffin make lemonade out of lemons after Abreah’s hair got fried off & became the main source of inspiration for their dope collaboration. This is ‘Bout that life’.

“Abreah’s hair got FRIED off so we had an idea to make the hair look presentable, then just kept getting creative from there. We really wanted to go over the top with hair, makeup & styling, & we went out to our nearest 7 Eleven to grab a Slurpee & take some cool photos. Shot both on 35mm film & digital.”



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