Michael Jenkins

‘Box hill’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Michael Jenkins / Model: Emma Nicholas / Stylist: Jess Colman / Make-up Artist: Jess Colman
Box hill: 1/10
Box hill: 2/10
Box hill: 3/10
Box hill: 4/10
Box hill: 5/10
Box hill: 6/10
Box hill: 7/10
Box hill: 8/10
Box hill: 9/10
Box hill: 10/10

Michael Jenkins ‘Box hill’

Set against the industrial backdrops of suburban Box Hill, Victoria, this is our debut feature from Melbourne photographer, Michael Jenkins.

“I’ve Been trying to work with Emma for a while prior to this shoot. Love the way she moves & her chameleon ability to embody a concept & mood. Jess & I have worked together before with great results, & I really like her sense of style. We got to use some of her own designs in this set too.”



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