Braina: 1/12 Braina: 1/12
Braina: 2/12 Braina: 2/12
Braina: 3/12 Braina: 3/12
Braina: 4/12 Braina: 4/12
Braina: 5/12 Braina: 5/12
Braina: 6/12 Braina: 6/12
Braina: 7/12 Braina: 7/12
Braina: 8/12 Braina: 8/12
Braina: 9/12 Braina: 9/12
Braina: 10/12 Braina: 10/12
Braina: 11/12 Braina: 11/12
Braina: 12/12 Braina: 12/12

Isaac Zoller ‘Braina’

Here a spontaneous shoot by Isaac Zoller starring the impossibly beautiful braina laviena who just now became my WCW. Shot in LA around Braina’s friends apartment, the overcast day made for perfect diffused light for portraits, even in the direct sunlight. Isaac explained it was a very relaxed shoot which definitely comes across through the images. I LOVE this so hard & am looking forward to seeing loads more work from both artists!



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