Breathless: 1/8 Breathless: 1/8
Breathless: 2/8 Breathless: 2/8
Breathless: 3/8 Breathless: 3/8
Breathless: 4/8 Breathless: 4/8
Breathless: 5/8 Breathless: 5/8
Breathless: 6/8 Breathless: 6/8
Breathless: 7/8 Breathless: 7/8
Breathless: 8/8 Breathless: 8/8

Alexa King ‘Breathless’

Moved by the recent legalisation of gay marriage in her home country of America, photographer Alexa King put together this stunning new series in honor of pride, equality, expression & most importantly love 🙂



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