Demetrios Drystellas

‘Bright side’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Demetrios Drystellas / Model: Laissa
Bright side: 1/7
Bright side: 2/7
Bright side: 3/7
Bright side: 4/7
Bright side: 5/7
Bright side: 6/7
Bright side: 7/7

Demetrios Drystellas ‘Bright side’

Demetrios Drystellas takes every opportunity to shoot Laissa when she visits his home city, Athens. This collaboration actually took place two years ago, but is still so relevant! Everything I did two years ago sucked I hope never to see it again!

Peep more from Demetrios below 🙂



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