Simone Komine

‘Bring it back’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Simone Komine / Model: Devyn / Stylist: Barrio Vintage / Make-up Artist: Devyn
Bring it back: 1/8
Bring it back: 2/8
Bring it back: 3/8
Bring it back: 4/8
Bring it back: 5/8
Bring it back: 6/8
Bring it back: 7/8
Bring it back: 8/8

Simone Komine ‘Bring it back’

Hawaii photographer, Simone Komine delivers another incredible fashion story with “a blend of culture & style that seem to take you back into time, & enough colours to make a rainbow jealous.”

“Creative vibes were running extremely strong from the very beginning of this day. Working with two people who are very unique & in tune with there own style. We completely meshed together, something that brought out each of our strong points.”



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