Alexan Films

‘Bring me down’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

15 photographs.
Director: Alexan Films / Written by: Alexan Films / Director of photography: Pablo Desanzo / Editor: Daniela Benedetti / Art director: Valentina Art Director / Art director: Eugenia Fernandez Tarnowski
Bring me down: 1/15
Bring me down: 2/15
Bring me down: 3/15
Bring me down: 4/15
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Bring me down: 6/15
Bring me down: 7/15
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Bring me down: 14/15
Bring me down: 15/15


Alexan Films ‘Bring me down’

It makes me so incredibly happy to be premiering the latest beautiful short film & 35mm stills from Argentina creative genius, Alexan. This is ‘Bring me down’, an independent production following a melancholic young woman suffering through a recent breakup. To drown her sorrows she meets a group of friends who take her on a magical journey where she relives her memories & re-experiences all of the feelings from their past relationship.

Backed by a super talented cast & crew & with music created & recorded specifically for this film by CHITA, Alexan brings us one of my favourites yet!

This is a Valentines day ex-love story. For anyone out there hurting today, may peace be with you. Know that this too will pass.

#argentina #friends #comingofage #gang #house #lovers #couple #film



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