Kyle Miller

‘Broke the brake’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Kyle Miller / Model: Sarineh Garapetian
Broke the brake: 1/8
Broke the brake: 2/8
Broke the brake: 3/8
Broke the brake: 4/8
Broke the brake: 5/8
Broke the brake: 6/8
Broke the brake: 7/8
Broke the brake: 8/8

Kyle Miller ‘Broke the brake’

New York creatives, Kyle Miller & his muse, Sarineh Garapetian meet just as the leaves start to change colour & the air cools down.

“I wanted to work with colours that mirrored the time of the year. Also a lot of the images in this series were based around the struggle of trying to experience the present more & not becoming disconnected all the time in our own little world.”



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