Aaron Sinclair

‘Broken dreams 1975’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

5 photographs.
Photographer: Aaron Sinclair / Model: Brianna deGooijer / Model Management: Stray Model Management
Broken dreams 1975: 1/5
Broken dreams 1975: 2/5
Broken dreams 1975: 3/5
Broken dreams 1975: 4/5
Broken dreams 1975: 5/5

Aaron Sinclair ‘Broken dreams 1975’

Photographer and filmmaker from Saskatchewan (Canada) Aaron Sinclair brings us a new vintage-inspired series starring Brianna deGooijer.

“This shoot was a relatively easy shoot to put together once we found the old Playboy mag & the football jersey. An empty room, a couple of lights and we’re there.”



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