Harri Masih


by: Ainsley Hutchence

13 photographs.
Photographer: Harri Masih / Model: Palma Wright / Stylist: Mother Pony / Make-up Artist: Robyn Fitzsimons / Wardrobe: Field Of Ponies / Accessories: Lucky Little Blighters
Broken: 1/13
Broken: 2/13
Broken: 3/13
Broken: 4/13
Broken: 5/13
Broken: 6/13
Broken: 7/13
Broken: 8/13
Broken: 9/13
Broken: 10/13
Broken: 11/13
Broken: 12/13
Broken: 13/13

Harri Masih ‘Broken’

Set in Hyde Park, London, this is ‘Broken’ starring LA creative genius, Palmer Wright x Field of Ponies.

“We shot this in London in Hyde Park when Palma was visiting a few months ago. I was going through a heartbreak & Palma was dealing with similar feelings so I thought it would be good to play on that idea. For the make-up, Robyn came up with the idea of making her look like a sad Betty Boop. The collection was also developed around the theme of heartbreak. Each piece has been developed like a little blanket of love offering protection in moments of vulnerability. The materials could be suitable for making soft toys, but the message is not that innocent. How do you connect with the world around you when you feel broken inside?”



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