Elodie Gervaise

‘Brut / EP’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Artist: Elodie Gervaise / Photographer: Marina Germain / Creative director: Milari Barker / Model: Elodie Gervaise
Brut / EP: 1/11
Brut / EP: 2/11
Brut / EP: 3/11
Brut / EP: 4/11
Brut / EP: 5/11
Brut / EP: 6/11
Brut / EP: 7/11
Brut / EP: 8/11
Brut / EP: 9/11
Brut / EP: 10/11
Brut / EP: 11/11

Elodie Gervaise ‘Brut / EP’

It is a pleasure to introduce Australian/French singer-songwriter, Elodie Gervaise, with her beautiful stripped back & raw collection of songs & accompanying visuals captured by Marina Germain.

Elodie’s debut EP ‘Brut’ (raw) is the telling of her experience as a musician, previously residing in Byron Bay & now France. Self-recorded from her studio apartment in Paris, her songs stem from an admiration of language & lyrics to give us her expression of life as she perceives it.

The photo series spawned after crossing paths with photographer Marina Germain in amongst a winter creation mode, both deep in photography & music. The concept was to capture the songs’ intimate setting & depict the emotion that bled into the sounds.

Creative directed by Milari Barker & mixed & mastered by Greg Jard, Elodie has expressed the pleasure she received from forming this creation with such a killer team.

She will be playing live shows in Paris starting next month.




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