Daniel Sachon

‘Burn out’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

16 photographs.
Photographer: Daniel Sachon / Model: Charlie Barker
Burn out: 1/16
Burn out: 2/16
Burn out: 3/16
Burn out: 4/16
Burn out: 5/16
Burn out: 6/16
Burn out: 7/16
Burn out: 8/16
Burn out: 9/16
Burn out: 10/16
Burn out: 11/16
Burn out: 12/16
Burn out: 13/16
Burn out: 14/16
Burn out: 15/16
Burn out: 16/16

Daniel Sachon ‘Burn out’

When ‘Burn out’ turned up in my inbox I got fucking excited. Like many of you, I have been following Charlie Barker’s incredible instaram account for a while now & she really is an amazing source of daily inspiration! Recently she met with the very talented UK photographer, Daniel Sachon.

“Charlie & I have shot a loads of times, & this was us doing something very different to what we have done in previous collaborations. We wanted to do something with a really brooding atmosphere, very androgynous images that open up questions/cause confusion. We shot the whole thing in 2 hours when I was in the studio with some free time & charlie just happened to be around – she pulled the clothes getting on the train! Charlie styled herself, did her own hair & own make up!



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