Jackson & Ashlee

‘Business as usual’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Production: Jackson & Ashlee / Photographer: Jackson Grant / Photographer: Ashlee Kate Steele / Model: Luci Lawrence / Model: Tomorrow Rohe / Model: Hunter Johnson
Business as usual: 1/8
Business as usual: 2/8
Business as usual: 3/8
Business as usual: 4/8
Business as usual: 5/8
Business as usual: 6/8
Business as usual: 7/8
Business as usual: 8/8

Jackson & Ashlee ‘Business as usual’

In an intentional act to discard the conventional, Jackson Grant’s irregular body of personal works publicly face his periods of mental isolation, in hope to engage the viewer into questioning uncertain yet familiar sparks they may have once seen in another or better yet themselves.

“Business as usual was shot admittedly so last minute. Planning wasn’t really encouraged as Ash & Jackson stuck to a brief shot list, before disregarding it due to the puzzling environment they were granted access to. The building was a derelict yet somewhat functional office space located on the top floor of a local plaza in Footscray, where Jackson is from.”



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