Glen Krohn

‘Bye bye baby’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

15 photographs.
Photographer: Glen Krohn / Model: Kepsi Bell / Model Management: Bali Starz / Model Management: Chadwicks / Stylist: MaiKhanh / Make-up Artist: Amanda Hibbard
Bye bye baby: 1/15
Bye bye baby: 2/15
Bye bye baby: 3/15
Bye bye baby: 4/15
Bye bye baby: 5/15
Bye bye baby: 6/15
Bye bye baby: 7/15
Bye bye baby: 8/15
Bye bye baby: 9/15
Bye bye baby: 10/15
Bye bye baby: 11/15
Bye bye baby: 12/15
Bye bye baby: 13/15
Bye bye baby: 14/15
Bye bye baby: 15/15

Glen Krohn ‘Bye bye baby’

‘Bye Bye Baby’ was inspired by sexual energy & bohemian spirit. Glen Krohn captured the sultry shoot in a late 1970’s villa in Bali, Indonesia. Posing in the heat of this tropical location with minimal makeup & salty beach hair, Kepsi Bel strips down for a seventies inspired fashion story.

“We couldn’t have imagined a more stylish & unique location, propice to a very easy & laid back shoot. Stylist MaiKhanh, pulled together earth tones & textures to create an effortless and utterly sensual look”.



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