Taleah Meshaé


by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Taleah Meshaé / Model: Caitlin Lamb
Caitlin: 1/7
Caitlin: 2/7
Caitlin: 3/7
Caitlin: 4/7
Caitlin: 5/7
Caitlin: 6/7
Caitlin: 7/7

Taleah Meshaé ‘Caitlin’

This gorgeous impromptu series went down recently on a chilly afternoon in Cape Town, South Africa. Photographer, Taleah Meshaé had no set plans for the shoot, so instead just spent 4 hours documenting Caitlin doing what she does best; looking phenomenal in front of the camera.




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