Cake castles –

Amber Maree

‘Cake castles’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Amber Maree / Model: Lauren Sheree
Cake castles: 1/6
Cake castles: 2/6
Cake castles: 3/6
Cake castles: 4/6
Cake castles: 5/6
Cake castles: 6/6

Amber Maree ‘Cake castles’

Amber Maree & Lauren Sheree set out to create a series representative of the feelings that they believe every woman experience whilst eating cake. & I believe they nailed it! Hope this Valentines day is full of cake 🙂

“Lauren is the most hilarious person to shoot with & such a champ, rubbing all the cake over herself & making castles with it afterwards.”



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