Conor Beary

‘Caledonian Road’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Conor Beary / Model: Marc Sebastian Faiella / Model Management: FM London
Caledonian Road: 1/8
Caledonian Road: 2/8
Caledonian Road: 3/8
Caledonian Road: 4/8
Caledonian Road: 5/8
Caledonian Road: 6/8
Caledonian Road: 7/8
Caledonian Road: 8/8

Conor Beary ‘Caledonian Road’

I love a good guy shoot because they really are hard to come by & this one is really fucking good yeah? ‘Caledonian Road’ was shot by London based photographer Conor Beary & stars Marc Sebastian Faiella.

Shouts out to my little bro Jesse Hutchence. Conor if you see him round London please give him a squeeze for me. Good chance that’s his favourite restaurant 🙂



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