Diego Triplab

‘Call Zoe’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Diego Triplab / Model: Zoe Severini / Stylist: Josefina Muñoz / HMUA: Analía Mosquera
Call Zoe: 1/10
Call Zoe: 2/10
Call Zoe: 3/10
Call Zoe: 4/10
Call Zoe: 5/10
Call Zoe: 6/10
Call Zoe: 7/10
Call Zoe: 8/10
Call Zoe: 9/10
Call Zoe: 10/10

Diego Triplab ‘Call Zoe’

Diego Triplab brings us new awesome work out of Argentina.

“Jose invited me to his new home to see some sets that he had armed & wanting to do something. Automatically we called Zoe & everything was much more fun”.

Wardrobe; Triangulo Negro, Cuket Lingerie, The Velvet Guerrilla.



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