Cameron Holland

‘Erin (NSFW)’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

15 photographs.
Photographer: Cameron Holland / CinematographerCameron Holland / Model: Erin Mae
Erin (NSFW): 1/15
Erin (NSFW): 2/15
Erin (NSFW): 3/15
Erin (NSFW): 4/15
Erin (NSFW): 5/15
Erin (NSFW): 6/15
Erin (NSFW): 7/15
Erin (NSFW): 8/15
Erin (NSFW): 9/15
Erin (NSFW): 10/15
Erin (NSFW): 11/15
Erin (NSFW): 12/15
Erin (NSFW): 13/15
Erin (NSFW): 14/15
Erin (NSFW): 15/15

Erin from Cameron Holland on Vimeo.

Cameron Holland ‘Erin (NSFW)’

Inspired by her new red light & his new VHS camera, NY artist Cameron Holland met with Erin in Brooklyn for this dope experimental collaboration.

“I mainly film skateboarding, but I also like to challenge myself with something different, especially a new medium, lighting, etc. I go out to NY fairly often & Erin & I had been talking about shooting for a while. She told me she just got a red light in her room & I had just gotten a VHS camera, so we got together for a little experimentation. There’s not a real story, I just wanted a vibe, what it means to me may be different than what it means to you.”



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