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Temper Collective ‘Candy’

Australia creatives, Joshua Eriksson & Khayla Isabel of Temper collective present their latest stunning fashion editorial.

“The day consisted of a group of friends hanging out and creating a bit of art. Temper (Joshua & I) wanted to produce a gallery that had an underlining message about masculine with a touch of femininity, as it was something that hit close to home. As a couple we both love playing dress ups & getting funky/experimental with clothing. As a girl, it is socially accepted that you dress to express & experiment with colour, print & style. However, if you are a guy experimenting with clothing, you will often get weird looks or assumptions that you are gay. We wanted to dress a male in clothing that may be associated as feminine (skirt, neck ties, a touch of make up, etc) while still maintaining a sexy masculine &┬ástrong persona.”



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