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Chris Scheurich ‘Cat power’

As far as I’m concerned, you’re either a cat person, or you just haven’t realised it yet.

‘Cat power’ was shot, modelled & styled by creative lovers, Chris Scheurich & Ali McNally, & their new adorable kitten.

“Chris & I have a gorgeous ragdoll that just came into our lives a few weeks ago. We got to talking about how it would be nice to capture him in a shoot while he’s still relatively small, as he’s growing like a weed & we want to remember his kitten-hood!

So we threw some clothes in a bag, got the kitten in the car (he loves car rides & will sit on my lap!), picked up two friends & rented out a dodgy motel room… totally normal weeknight behaviour. The result is this series: the kitten & I hanging out, watching TV, & essentially bonding, with a couple sexy lingerie pieces thrown in the mix for good measure.”



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