Mike Ivnitsky

‘Cats & metal’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Mike Ivnitsky / Model: Clara Zarecky
Cats & metal: 1/10
Cats & metal: 2/10
Cats & metal: 3/10
Cats & metal: 4/10
Cats & metal: 5/10
Cats & metal: 6/10
Cats & metal: 7/10
Cats & metal: 8/10
Cats & metal: 9/10
Cats & metal: 10/10

Mike Ivnitsky ‘Cats & metal’

Mike Ivnitsky meets with musician Clara Zarecky in her boyfriend’s apartment for his latest film series.

“I found Clara on Instagram & liked her look. She turned out to be a shy & funny, a cat & metal fan & agreed to doing the shoot, even though she has never done something like this before. Her musician boyfriend was kind enough to provide his well-lit apartment, beer & emotional support.”



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