Povilas Vaketis


by: Ainsley Hutchence

5 photographs.
Photographer: Povilas Vaketis / Model: Ava Roeg / Stylist: Sharkkana Pryce / Make-up Artist: Gintare Marcipukaite / Make-up Artist: House of Rolana / Make-up Artist: Lina Ba
Chameleon: 1/5
Chameleon: 2/5
Chameleon: 3/5
Chameleon: 4/5
Chameleon: 5/5

Povilas Vaketis ‘Chameleon’

Povilas Vaketis brings us a stunning beauty series celebraing uniqueness. “The idea came from today’s society classification on what’s normal, what’s not. I wanted to create a character who does not look & act like everyone else. We created 5 different unusual make up & hair looks & carefully chose how to style each one. We wanted something simple but at the same time very elegant. All in all, this beauty series is about being who you are, standing out from the crowd, & showing uniqueness.”



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