Marie Muller

‘Check ignition’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Marie Muller / Model: Ségolène
Check ignition: 1/9
Check ignition: 2/9
Check ignition: 3/9
Check ignition: 4/9
Check ignition: 5/9
Check ignition: 6/9
Check ignition: 7/9
Check ignition: 8/9
Check ignition: 9/9

Marie Muller ‘Check ignition’

French photographer, Marie Mullern presents her latest instalment of her ongoing erotico-feminist photography project entitled ‘La Chatte au Miel’. This is ‘Check Ignition’ starring Ségolène.

‘La Chatte au Miel’ is about women, their self-love, the female body, a positive & caring observation, as well as its sexuality.

In a modern society where women are not always equal to men & where their sexuality remains a discredited subject, how does she make herself flourish? How does a woman make her voice heard, & how does she value herself?

This project highlights my feminist struggle as a claim to the nature of the body, the naked body, & its pure beauty. In a certain way, it is the artistic illustration of the individual independence of each woman in this Western society, or in another, with the will to value & love each woman &, of course, the feminism in each of us, regardless of gender.

Feel proud of being a woman, defend her will to exist & practice her sexuality as she sees fit. Finally, I wish to defend, by my images, the total rejection of judgment, the illustration of what a free & fulfilled woman can be, separate from dictates & societal norms.

Because nudity is first, it is of divine essence. If one refers to Genesis before the fault God would have made man in his image. Now, the awareness of the nakedness of the body stems from disobedience to the divine order. There we see the birth of prohibitions, moral principles of reductive Jewish-Christian thought.”



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