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Dustin Stafford ‘Check ya’

Los Angeles photographer, Dustin Stafford brings us his awesome debut series starring Jamillah McWhorter.

“I’d have to say the whole vibe for this shoot was “right place, right time”. Basically, I met the MUA on Instagram… because millennial. I hit up Dani via IG DM’s a couple months before this shoot & was like “Hey I like your vibe, would you be down to shoot sometime?”. So we did. She & I clicked instantly & were like okay, so we need to legit work together. Fast forward a month or so I literally met Jamillah in a bar, we were both dancing & living our best lives & I was like wait we should shoot… I think this was actually on her 3rd day in LA — like she had just moved so the timing was crazy.

All that being said, we pulled the shoot together, Dani played a huge part because she did all the styling & got our super talented MUA, Maritza, on board. I’ve been working super hard to change my style & build a different persona for my art & this was my first shoot trying not to hold back & really just go for it. This one means a lot to me, because it was the first time in a while that I saw my own work & had that, “wow… I took that…?” feeling. I watched this interview with Issa Rae where she talked about finding people in your lane & building up your community of creatives with other people who are just trying to hustle & grind too. This shoot was basically that, foot on the gas, in the fast lane to being somebody *Cardi B Voice* ouuuuuuuuuuuuuw.”

Wardrobe; Perry White, Buffalo London, LA PR Showroom, Zara, Steve Madden, Le Specs, Lauren Payton.

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