Pol Kurucz

‘Checkout zero’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

17 photographs.
Photographer: Pol Kurucz / Editor: Thiago Peraça / Lara Ferro / Stylist: Nê Bardac / Wardrobe: Nê Bardac / Set Design: Renata Thina
Checkout zero: 1/17
Checkout zero: 2/17
Checkout zero: 3/17
Checkout zero: 4/17
Checkout zero: 5/17
Checkout zero: 6/17
Checkout zero: 7/17
Checkout zero: 8/17
Checkout zero: 9/17
Checkout zero: 10/17
Checkout zero: 11/17
Checkout zero: 12/17
Checkout zero: 13/17
Checkout zero: 14/17
Checkout zero: 15/17
Checkout zero: 16/17
Checkout zero: 17/17

Pol Kurucz ‘Checkout zero’

It’s such a pleasure today to feature this stunning anti-consumerist visual tale by creative genius French photographer Pol Kurucz.

“In a not so distant future when all, even the soul is on sale, eccentric cashiers interact with peculiar products of a factory-like supermarket. Through visual allegories & pop aesthetics, each female protagonist uses their singularities to provoke us & challenge wild capitalist, gender & aesthetic norms. Checkout Zero was shot in Sao Paulo with local models and queer artists. The series mixes fine art & fashion elements & features creations from local brands.”

Models; Lissa Hamada, Natasha Soares, Ecto, Iris Camilo, Ingrid Vina, Nakyanne, Victória Rossi, Raquel Felix, Ana Schimiloski, Koichi Sonoda, Bruna Petzke, Lissa Hamada, Francesco Strelow, Nina Codorna, Bia & Branca Feres, Victória Rossi.



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