Jack DR

‘Cherry Bomb’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Jack DR / Model: Marly Mctaggart
Cherry Bomb: 1/7
Cherry Bomb: 2/7
Cherry Bomb: 3/7
Cherry Bomb: 4/7
Cherry Bomb: 5/7
Cherry Bomb: 6/7
Cherry Bomb: 7/7

Jack DR ‘Cherry Bomb’

After randomly meeting Marly Mctaggart while exploring the city of Vancouver (Canada), Montreal photographer, Jack DR knew he wanted to photograph her.

“We spontaneously decided to snap a few pictures while we grabbed some drinks & enjoyed the streets of Vancouver. Marly moved there from Australia for the summer. The reason I am calling the series “Cherry bomb” is because Marly Mctaggart is nothing shy from being the perfect representation of a modern day youth rebellion & all that is cherry bomb.”



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