Williejane Dent

‘Cher’s horses’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Williejane Dent / Model: Xane Angelime
Cher’s horses: 1/8
Cher’s horses: 2/8
Cher’s horses: 3/8
Cher’s horses: 4/8
Cher’s horses: 5/8
Cher’s horses: 6/8
Cher’s horses: 7/8
Cher’s horses: 8/8

Williejane Dent ‘Cher’s horses’

Williejane Dent brings us a lonely love western featuring Xane in a 40” lace front wig. “Her character reminded us of a blonde Cher, hence the western vibe shoot title, ‘Cher’s Horses’.”

Wardrobe; Laurs Kemp & Willow O’Toole.



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