Dávid Drobný

‘Chocolate & peanut butter’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Dávid Drobný / Model: Nina Blahutová
Chocolate & peanut butter: 1/7
Chocolate & peanut butter: 2/7
Chocolate & peanut butter: 3/7
Chocolate & peanut butter: 4/7
Chocolate & peanut butter: 5/7
Chocolate & peanut butter: 6/7
Chocolate & peanut butter: 7/7

Dávid Drobný ‘Chocolate & peanut butter’

Slovakia photographer, Dávid Drobný presents his debut feature starring Nina Blahutová.

“I found Nina on Instagram where we started a friendly conversation & discussed all shooting ideas, so when we finally met everything was very genuine & flowing. We had so much fun together on the shoot day even though it was just the two of us. Working with Nina felt like our minds were in symbiosis & we created these young, girly images. I wanted it to be very authentic with alluring, capturing the real nature of a beautiful girl. I am very happy with this shooting, as I have always had a weakness for 70’s fashion.



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