Fausto Serafini


by: Ainsley Hutchence

14 photographs.
Photographer: Fausto Serafini / Photographer: Alessandra Pace / Model: Asia Pirini
Clichè: 1/14
Clichè: 2/14
Clichè: 3/14
Clichè: 4/14
Clichè: 5/14
Clichè: 6/14
Clichè: 7/14
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Clichè: 9/14
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Clichè: 14/14

Fausto Serafini ‘Clichè’

‘Clichè’ is our latest feature by husband/wife creative force, Fausto Serafini & Alessandra Pace. They first came across their model, Asia Pirini via instagram & were both captured by her charming & deep gaze. After a few FB conversations the 19 year old bass playing philosophy student ended up spending the weekend. On the second night they checked into a hotel to shoot until 4am the next morning & this is what they ended up with. Love!!!



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