Ivona Burcus


by: Ainsley Hutchence

14 photographs.
Wardrobe: Ivona Burcus / Photographer: Anais Zamboni / Model: Jasmine Dhillon / Model: Imani Naghten / Make-up Artist: Imani Naghten / Location: Royal Kew Gardens, Richmomd
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Cocoon: 2/14
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Ivona Burcus ‘Cocoon’

Anais Zamboni captures a stunning graduate collection by BA fashion & textiles grad, Ivona Burcus & her label ‘Maison Yvonne’.

“This is’COCOON A/W 2018′, dedicated to victims of abuse.
By abuse I understand mental & physical, which includes bullying, domestic & sexual abuse, racism, sexism, homophobia. I am a convinced feminist & I strive to inspire, empower & protect by raising awareness on social issues with my work. Every single piece is designed & hand-made or hand-knitted my myself & has been given intense thought.”



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