Cold war: 1/6 Cold war: 1/6
Cold war: 2/6 Cold war: 2/6
Cold war: 3/6 Cold war: 3/6
Cold war: 4/6 Cold war: 4/6
Cold war: 5/6 Cold war: 5/6
Cold war: 6/6 Cold war: 6/6

Theodor Versteegen ‘Cold war’

Dutch black & white photographer Theodor Versteegen brings us a stunning series out of The Netherlands starring Olga Kobzar.

“Olga is the perfect example of an independent, tough Russian woman, taking control over her own life & business. At first she seems very distant, with a dark, sarcastic sense of humor, but she is actually very caring, expecially about animals! She is very intelligent & great company when you win her over, but I’m still not really shure if I did, haha! Well I’m satisfied with our set anyway.”



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