Marin Troude

‘Colours & chaos’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

12 photographs.
Photographer: Marin Troude / Model: Papa
Colours & chaos: 1/12
Colours & chaos: 2/12
Colours & chaos: 3/12
Colours & chaos: 4/12
Colours & chaos: 5/12
Colours & chaos: 6/12
Colours & chaos: 7/12
Colours & chaos: 8/12
Colours & chaos: 9/12
Colours & chaos: 10/12
Colours & chaos: 11/12
Colours & chaos: 12/12

Marin Troude ‘Colours & chaos’

Equipped with his old analogue camera, French filmmaker, Marin Troude meets with his gorgeous naked muse, Lex “Small Papa” Gray, in Venice Beach.

“Small Papa is an artist, orgy facilitator & a musician. She is from Canada, but she wanted to be exposed to a new land full of colours & chaos. So she decided to move to Los Angeles a few months ago. When I heard the news, we decided together to celebrate her arrival in town with a crazy shooting. We were looking for a cool place where the freaks go & where she could be herself – stoned, naked & laughing in total liberty without anyone annoying us. So it appeared obvious to do it in Venice Beach, the land of freedom. The tourists & the kids at the skate park loved it, we hope you do too!”



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