Maud Chalard

‘Colours (NSFW)’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

27 photographs.
Photographer: Maud Chalard / Model: Lea Rostain / Model: Gabriel Rul / Model: Alice Yorke / Make-up Artist: Adélie Balez / Make-up Artist: Antoine l’Herbrellec
Colours (NSFW): 1/27
Colours (NSFW): 2/27
Colours (NSFW): 3/27
Colours (NSFW): 4/27
Colours (NSFW): 5/27
Colours (NSFW): 6/27
Colours (NSFW): 7/27
Colours (NSFW): 8/27
Colours (NSFW): 9/27
Colours (NSFW): 10/27
Colours (NSFW): 11/27
Colours (NSFW): 12/27
Colours (NSFW): 13/27
Colours (NSFW): 14/27
Colours (NSFW): 15/27
Colours (NSFW): 16/27
Colours (NSFW): 17/27
Colours (NSFW): 18/27
Colours (NSFW): 19/27
Colours (NSFW): 20/27
Colours (NSFW): 21/27
Colours (NSFW): 22/27
Colours (NSFW): 23/27
Colours (NSFW): 24/27
Colours (NSFW): 25/27
Colours (NSFW): 26/27
Colours (NSFW): 27/27

Maud Chalard ‘Colours (NSFW)’

French photographer Maud Chalard takes a tender & aesthetic look at women & life around them. With her debut feature, Maud brings us a beautiful series of analogue photos that takes us back to another era, that of the hippie years, where we live together, we love each other, we feel free and we create together.”



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