Adam Dawda

‘Come as you are’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Adam Dawda / Model: Ariel Rosa
Come as you are: 1/6
Come as you are: 2/6
Come as you are: 3/6
Come as you are: 4/6
Come as you are: 5/6
Come as you are: 6/6

Adam Dawda ‘Come as you are’

When he meets his latest muse, Adam Dawda is interested in their personality, in their philosophy, whatever makes them them. “Fuck fashion, it goes out of style while genuine personality prevails. There is no time to be shy about it.” For his new series, Adam met & captured 17-year-old Brazilian babe, Ariel Rosa.

“From a youth filled with skate & surf, this Brazilian badass is now surfing the globe as an international model. It has not even amounted to a year since Ariel first started on this new journey of his, but he has already been walking for shows in Milan, doing campaigns for H&M & is on his way to London to rip up the scene. What were you doing at 17?

I got the pleasure of getting to know this cat while I’ve been modelling here in Shanghai myself & I can tell you, spiritually & philosophically, he is both more mature & more interesting than most people I’ve met a decade his elder. I spent the day with Ariel in Shanghai & documented it with photographs.”



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