Troy Freyee

‘Come dine with me’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Troy Freyee / CinematographerJaen Collective / Creative director: Jaen Collective / Model: Emm Gurr / HMUA: Miranda Emblem / Stylist: Jaimi-Lee Fitzgerald
Come dine with me: 1/7
Come dine with me: 2/7
Come dine with me: 3/7
Come dine with me: 4/7
Come dine with me: 5/7
Come dine with me: 6/7
Come dine with me: 7/7

COMING SOON from Jáen Collective on Vimeo.

Troy Freyee ‘Come dine with me’

It’s with enormous pleasure that I feature new work from one of my favourite poeple in the world; BFF, work mate, fellow Taureen, Troy Freyee gives us a little sneak peek at his recent collaboration with the creative geniuses over at Jaen Collective.



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