Agustin Cibeira

‘Come down’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Agustin Cibeira / Model: Oliver Krauc / Model: Camila Puebla / Stylist: Camila Papiccio / Wardrobe: WTTJ / Location: Tadeo
Come down: 1/8
Come down: 2/8
Come down: 3/8
Come down: 4/8
Come down: 5/8
Come down: 6/8
Come down: 7/8
Come down: 8/8

Agustin Cibeira ‘Come down’

Young Buenos Aires photographer Agustin Cibeira brings us his debut feature in collaboration with stylist Camila Papiccio & her label WTTJ.

#90’s #vintage #film #buenosaires #house #home #flash #couple #argentina



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