Daniel Rosenthal

‘Common knowledge’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Photographer: Daniel Rosenthal / Model: Jade Lily / Stylist: Kellie Levesque / HMUA: Amanda Woods
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Daniel Rosenthal ‘Common knowledge’

Daniel Rosenthal we’ve missed you! So great to have you back up here with new stunning work. This is ‘Common knowledge’ starring Jade.

“I live in New York now, but so much of my heart is still in Idaho. The open county, the pastel sunsets, the awakening affect of nature. Barbecues with family in big backyards, cigars around fires in the woods with best friends, and of course, at least one wild photoshoot per trip.

There’s a high desert area south of Boise that my dad goes to to hunt rattlesnakes, & I knew I had to shoot there. It’s warm & open. I had the good fortune of finding a beautiful model (Jade) & my go to team for hair & makeup & styling & I can’t thank them enough for volunteering their time & energy. The day was hot & without a spot of shade, & the flies were aggressive, but we shot fast & the light & scenery did not disappoint! I hope you enjoy what we have created.”



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