Kevin Millet


by: Ainsley Hutchence

20 photographs.
Photographer: Kevin Millet / Model: LeLe
Confinement: 1/20
Confinement: 2/20
Confinement: 3/20
Confinement: 4/20
Confinement: 5/20
Confinement: 6/20
Confinement: 7/20
Confinement: 8/20
Confinement: 9/20
Confinement: 10/20
Confinement: 11/20
Confinement: 12/20
Confinement: 13/20
Confinement: 14/20
Confinement: 15/20
Confinement: 16/20
Confinement: 17/20
Confinement: 18/20
Confinement: 19/20
Confinement: 20/20

Kevin Millet ‘Confinement’

Despite being in isolation, Montreal based photographer Kevin Millet creates a stunning new series via FaceTime with his beautiful muse Le Le.

“Despite the dark period we are going through & the isolation, we remain positively connected to each other with technology. This is a tool as we all know, but can also be a means of expression.

Aside from landscapes & certain concepts, photography often needs real, social interaction to take place. With our laptops & in a non-physical way, it is, however, possible to shoot! In this series of photos made via FaceTime, it is possible to continue taking photos with a little patience & precise direction.

Right now the emergence of the shoot via FaceTime is accentuated. Of course, the quality remains to be desired, but the important thing is that it is possible to transmit an atmosphere, an emotion with meaning or for the senses while staying at home.”



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