Sean Doolan

‘Contact hight’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

5 photographs.
Photographer: Sean Doolan / Model: Jessica Cady / Wardrobe: Lot, Stock And Barrel
Contact hight: 1/5
Contact hight: 2/5
Contact hight: 3/5
Contact hight: 4/5
Contact hight: 5/5

Sean Doolan ‘Contact hight’

Florida based lifestyle photographer, Sean Doolan, brings us new work starring Jessica Cady.

“Dusk was advancing, & while we had just met for the first time, 4 hours prior, there was this feeling of familiarity in the air. Unlikely rebels, you might call us. High from a scent that smelled similar to that of a summer night & gasoline from a camper parked nearby.”



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