Brooke Barone

‘Contemporary dating’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Brooke Barone / Model: Justin Farlo / Model: Stephanie Angulo
Contemporary dating: 1/6
Contemporary dating: 2/6
Contemporary dating: 3/6
Contemporary dating: 4/6
Contemporary dating: 5/6
Contemporary dating: 6/6

Brooke Barone ‘Contemporary dating’

This collaborative series captures photos which become visual illustrations of practices within the contemporary dating realm. After searching through a plethora of headless torso, LA based photographer, Brooke Barone & her gorgeous models attempted to bring back the face. Justin needed new Grindr pics, so they experimented with soft lighting & impenetrable looks, with the goal to produce images that got him laid. I would love to know how it’s worked out for him so far!



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