Converted: 1/10 Converted: 1/10
Converted: 2/10 Converted: 2/10
Converted: 3/10 Converted: 3/10
Converted: 4/10 Converted: 4/10
Converted: 5/10 Converted: 5/10
Converted: 6/10 Converted: 6/10
Converted: 7/10 Converted: 7/10
Converted: 8/10 Converted: 8/10
Converted: 9/10 Converted: 9/10
Converted: 10/10 Converted: 10/10

Jen Senn ‘Converted’

‘Converted’ makes me wanna get straight onto a plane & head back to NYC for a night on the town. With so much to do every night of the week, that place really does never sleep & the 5 days we recently spent there are already a complete blur!!! Luckily we have video footage… coming soon… For now here is one gorgeous, Steph DeFelice beautifully photographed by New York city based photographer, Jen Senn.



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