Andie Wheeler

‘Cosmic cowboy’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

Shoot of the week
14 photographs.
Photographer: Andie Wheeler / Model: George Bones / HMUA: Cayenne Barnum / Wardrobe: Nevada
Cosmic cowboy: 1/14
Cosmic cowboy: 2/14
Cosmic cowboy: 3/14
Cosmic cowboy: 4/14
Cosmic cowboy: 5/14
Cosmic cowboy: 6/14
Cosmic cowboy: 7/14
Cosmic cowboy: 8/14
Cosmic cowboy: 9/14
Cosmic cowboy: 10/14
Cosmic cowboy: 11/14
Cosmic cowboy: 12/14
Cosmic cowboy: 13/14
Cosmic cowboy: 14/14

Andie Wheeler ‘Cosmic cowboy’

Every now & then a shoot turns up in my box that just says everything I have been trying to say all week. This shoot captures my #mood perfectly! Plus the fact that it came from a Hotmail address just made me extra happy. Sydney creatives team up for ‘Cosmic Cowboy’ captured by Andie Wheeler on 35mm & I’m in love!

“Georgia Jones makes here (re)debut as sci-fi Jolene. She battles seedy aliens while throwing down VBs. Tackling the fashion norms, the Cosmic Cowboys dance to drake & reminisce the 80’s. This shoot is for when you have the Rodeo at 6 but Lift Off at 7.”

#film #flash #studio #alien #cowboy #night #space #sydney #australia



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