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Cathlin McCullough ‘Cozy’

Cathlin McCullough is an Austin, Texas photographer, inspired by the awkward & the lonely experiences she had growing up. Drawn to the hauntingly beautiful things, to wide open spaces, & the type of energy you can’t put your finger on. For her latest series she gathered up a team of like-minded creatives to stoke the energy for the day & together they made ‘Cozy’.

“I was originally inspired by the comfort of old Grandpa sweaters & the idea of finding the perfect coziness in one of those sweaters, & how sexy they really are with nothing, or little else on. The way women look their most beautiful at home, just out of the shower in their favourite things. Once I found the perfect location to match the mood, Justine’s Secret House, paired with the mind-reading magic of my stylist Sara, everything came into place.”



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