Hana Zebzabi


by: Ainsley Hutchence

5 photographs.
Photographer: Hana Zebzabi / Model: Saskia Kane / Stylist: Hana Zebzabi / Stylist: Ameli Lindgren / Stylist: Kate Sowden / Wardrobe: Nordic Poetry
Craving: 1/5
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Craving: 5/5

Hana Zebzabi ‘Craving’

Continuing on in our Halloween dress-up theme, London based director/photographer Hana Zebzabi brings us a new stunning editorial with the hope to inspire other creatives to be free with their art & true to themselves.

“Fashion inspires me to my core. It’s the reason the women I photograph look the way they do & act the way act. We feel the clothes we wear. We feel what we are delicately slipped in to. We feel our persona changing as we add on 3 inches or take off a  piece of jewellery. What’s extraordinary, is seeing my models change with every piece of clothing. Without much direction, they can already feel what I feel. & almost see what I see. My aim was to photograph pieces of clothing that reflected me the most, on one of favourite models & dearest of friends, Saskia. Unexpectedly but fortunately, we ended up creating five different versions of the same person. Five different characters. Five different stories. Five different feelings.

As soon as I finished carefully selecting, & gazing at each look, I became excited by the realisation that these were, in fact, my own characters that have been embedded in my brain for years. Through each look, Saskia managed to feel each character with the help of makeup and hair done by another dear friend of mine, Coryn. What an incredible feeling, right? To be able to create work that truly represents yourself through the help of ones you love the most. These photos prove that creating in the moment, and creating through feeling, is one of the most beautiful opportunities we can give ourselves, as artists. My original idea was a fundamental base. But it’s important we allow ourselves to be free with our mind and our creativity. Our environment was extremely peaceful & we had our favourite music to guide us and make us feel at home whilst we were creating. & these photos were the result of that.

In just a couple of hours, we ended up representing women who are powerful, vulnerable, carefree, intelligent & confident. We made sure we allowed the clothing to speak to us & lead us to different characters each time. For instance, we have Dallas, placing her hat on her head – almost ready to close a deal or shuffle a pack of cards for an easy game of poker. It’s crazy to me how a moment of movement can determine characteristics instantly. If she wasn’t wearing the blazer it would be harder to see her as a woman of importance or higher power. This is my favourite from the set, by far.

We have Dolly, promiscuous, extremely outgoing, oozing with confidence. The kinda girl you wanna take out & drink the night away with. The kind of girl who feels free & jumps at the sound of a party or a good time. What I love is that a Dolly looks so likeable. Everyone wants to be friends with Dolly.

We have Lucy. Or do we? My ‘Gone Girl’ character. My favourite kind of female to portray. Everything she does needs to be perfect, you can call her crazy or you can call her crazy. There’s no in-between. This is her main disguise – being on the run is her forte. But does she realise that there’s eyes on her everywhere she goes? Every man wants to have her & every woman wants to be her.

On to Val. A sophisticated & wealthy woman to many, but a woman who indulges gives no fucks in reality. I love the jewellery & clothing juxtaposed with a small box of corn flakes. You start questioning her status, how much she earns, what lies she’s told, what problems she’s facing – purely by her actions in the photo.

Lastly, we have Joane. All of us resemble a Joane in some way. Vulnerable, prone to heartbreak, feels everything at once. Innocence at its finest. I love how this is the only photo where her hands aren’t in the frame. We have no idea where she could really be from, her garments and lack of garments are ambiguous & I love that. She’s showing us everything but we still know absolutely nothing.

I feel incredibly blessed to have created this work with my close friends. Being endlessly creative & free with my art is all I crave in this beautiful life. I felt free when shooting this set. And that’s how we should always aim to feel. Free.

With love,



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