Émilie Mantaray

‘Cry me a river’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Photographer: Émilie Mantaray / Model: Sofia Pavlovic / Model Management: Civiles Management / HMUA: Gabriela D’Agostino Dwüam / Editor: FX Estudio
Cry me a river: 1/11
Cry me a river: 2/11
Cry me a river: 3/11
Cry me a river: 4/11
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Cry me a river: 11/11

Émilie Mantaray ‘Cry me a river’

Today we welcome a new contributor in Buenos Aires photographer with a life long love for literature & cinema.

“I always thought that photography should tell stories. Then I became obsessed with lines, colors & details. I found music in every scene & I saw how the lights had an important role in my images. Photography gave me magic feelings so I wanna give you the same.

At the time of proposing this story, we felt inspired by Nouvelle Vague cinematographic aesthetics, both in the framing & the colour &, of course, the narrative simplicity. That’s why we’re looking for a location from the beginning of the century where we can situate this plot based on the glorious sixties.

Sofia has all the features we were looking for to convey the ups & downs of a heartbreak. ‘Cry Me a River’, the jazz song, was the first engine that guided the story. We are very pleased to find how a song could be a leitmotiv. ‘Cry Me a River’ is a song by Arthur Hamilton that was performed by many outstanding figures such as Julie London, Dinah Washington or Ella Fitzgerald. In this fashion editorial, we wanted to show all the states that cause love & lovelessness in a woman, between euphoria, anger, joy & sadness.”

Wardrobe; Bimba Vintage, Infinit Eyewear, Mulhaq, Zara, Raul Blanco, Lacoste, YSL, Jeffrey Campbell.



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