Jasmine De Silva

‘Crystal clean’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

4 photographs.
Photographer: Jasmine De Silva / Director: Jasmine De Silva / Model: Natasha Gravia-Lund / Stylist: Sian O'Donnell / Make-up Artist: Natasha Lawes / Set Design: Amy Exton
Crystal clean: 1/4
Crystal clean: 2/4
Crystal clean: 3/4
Crystal clean: 4/4

Crystal Clean from Jasmine De Silva on Vimeo.

Jasmine De Silva ‘Crystal clean’

For her stunning debut feature, Photographer & Director Jasmine De Silvan draws inspiration from 1960’s instructional videos & commercials of how to be a well-groomed woman & explores the idea that seemingly absolute perfection is a prison & entrapment we unknowingly encase ourselves in.

“This crystal shell she lives in is striking & audacious, not easy to miss. It acts as a label slapped across her body to be stared at, however, in positive contrast, the glistening casing over her skin draws attention to the beauty of the shape of the female form that shouldn’t be hidden, & should be celebrated.”



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