Marcos Paim


by: Ainsley Hutchence

15 photographs.
Photographer: Marcos Paim / Model: Gabrielle Joie
Cyber: 1/15
Cyber: 2/15
Cyber: 3/15
Cyber: 4/15
Cyber: 5/15
Cyber: 6/15
Cyber: 7/15
Cyber: 8/15
Cyber: 9/15
Cyber: 10/15
Cyber: 11/15
Cyber: 12/15
Cyber: 13/15
Cyber: 14/15
Cyber: 15/15

Marcos Paim ‘Cyber’

This shoot was love at first sight for me. ‘Cyber’ is our first epic series from Brazilian photographer, Marcos Paim starring Gabrielle Joie. More to come from this amazing team very soon!

“A feminist & sexual persona who lives in a video game. She fights against the masculine evil with blood, rage and her kawaii persuasion”.



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