Marcos Paim

‘Dalia negra’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Marcos Paim / Art director: Marcos Paim / Production: Marcos Paim / Production: Tyz Matos / Production: Emanuella Bezerra / Model: Anna Carolina
Dalia negra: 1/9
Dalia negra: 2/9
Dalia negra: 3/9
Dalia negra: 4/9
Dalia negra: 5/9
Dalia negra: 6/9
Dalia negra: 7/9
Dalia negra: 8/9
Dalia negra: 9/9

Marcos Paim ‘Dalia negra’

Marcos Paim & his A-team bring us a new series out of Brazil born from a concept about the speed of our minds in contact with how we are & what we’re made for. This is ‘Dalia negra’.

“Anxiety Breakout
the scape from
feeling nothing
thinking a lot
breathing in desperation
swallow fear
spit insecurity
and scream change”



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